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Where To Buy Slatwall Locally

Create stunning walls or improve your existing wall with Slatwall & Wall Panels. Our Textured Slatwall or 3D Panels have unique designs like Subway Tiles, Bricks, Tire Treads, Old Paint, Wood, and many more. Underbudgeted? Then select from our wide range of Cherry, maple, Black, or Wood color Traditional Slatwall Panels. Whichever you pick our Slatwall Panels to have rows of slots to slide in faceouts, brackets, wire baskets, hooks, and many other slatwall accessories to display your products.

where to buy slatwall locally

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We're a locally owned and operated business with over 25 years of experience. Find a variety of store supplies like pricing guns, price tags, hangers, sign holders and more. To learn more, get in touch with us at 208-466-8320.

I had one outlet and one blank cover plate on the accent wall. Luckily, the slats were spaced perfectly to where I only needed to cut one slat per plate cover. For these, I simply cut out enough of the slat to install the covers.

Set your retail store apart from the competition by successfully displaying products with help from the experts at Megawall. As a premier manufacturer of high-quality slatwall display systems, Megawall delivers innovative products that not only help you keep track of inventory, but also add to the customer?s overall shopping experience. Whether you?re looking to spruce up your seasonal displays or redesign your entire store?s planogram in an effort to maximize sales, Megawall?s diverse selection of slatwall panels, shelves, brackets and custom fixtures offers plenty of options to upgrade your retail store?s presentation of product.

If you?re continuously updating your assortment, seek out our aluminum slatwall systems, which offer a range of slat spacing options. Pick from multiple design choices and clean finishes to enhance the flexibility and versatility of your product displays.

Designed to be dropped into most standard gondolas, replace endcap pegboards and add additional space to gondola endcaps, NuPanels are modular sections that can be outfitted with most standard slatwall hardware. Retrofit NuPanels are available in full, top-section and floating-section panels, letting you customize each gondola display.

Learn More About Megawall Products At Megawall, we understand the challenges your retail store faces when it comes to seasonal selling, inventory and competition. That?s why we?ve designed high-quality retail store display systems to help increase conversion and improve the buyer experience. Our innovative products are used by major retailers throughout North America, positioning us as a premier manufacturer of slatwall systems and other retail fixtures. Contact us to receive a personalized quote, inquire about product samples or gain helpful insight from our experienced Megawall experts, and begin transforming your retail store today.

The Proslat PVC Slatwall has a unique patented hidden screw design, with interlocking panels for increased durability. At 2 mm thick the Proslat slatwall is up to 25 times more impact resistant than drywall.

Our PVC Slatwall is not affected by mold, mildew or water so it can be installed in damp locations where drywall and wood might absorb the humidity. This makes the slatwall panels an ideal solution for mudrooms.

Hello Garage of West St. Louis County's unique slatwall elevates your home's garage to its true front door. Hello Garage Slatwall maximizes garage storage and is made with industrial-grade PVC, so it's beyond durable. It's available in four colors to coordinate with the rest of your garage and we also offer 5, 10 and 20-piece starter kits of basic hooks and baskets to get you going.

The garage slatwall system installed by Hello Garage of West St. Louis County is the ultimate solution for your garage organization needs. With durable, warranty-protected panels, attractive color options and a full line of hooks, baskets and other accessories to add, it's safe to say you and your garage will benefit from this innovative product.

Maximize storage and create a clean, organized space with the innovative Hello Garage Slatwall System. Our slatwall panels are durable, waterproof, warranty-protected and expertly installed by the Hello Garage of West St. Louis County Dream Team. With endless combinations of accessories, including hooks, baskets and loops, our slatwall can be tailored to your exact vision.

Schedule your free estimate for our garage slatwall installation, garage cabinets, garage shelving or any of our other garage renovation services today. We proudly serve West St. Louis County and nearby.

During installation, Garage Living will cut the slatwall panels to accommodate light switches, receptacles, conduit pipe, and any obstruction on the walls. Our installers also scribe and cut the panels to account for the slope of a garage floor or unevenness in the ceiling.

Our slatwall organizers efficiently make the best use of your space. This gets your belongings off of the floor and hung up on the wall. This system is very versatile, as it is configured to exactly suit your space.

Allan Store Fixtures is your source for retail store fixtures for retail stores locally and nationwide. We specialize in Slatwall Panels, Gridwall, Glass Display Cases, Checkout Counters, Mannequins, Gondola Shelving, and Many More. Grand Prairie location serves the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex Area. If you are located outside of these areas, we have partnered with many leading shipping carriers to ship your product to you without you ever leaving your store or home.

Schedule your free estimate for our garage slatwall installation, garage cabinets, garage shelving or any of our other garage renovation services today. We proudly serve Greater Colorado Springs and nearby.

Schedule your free estimate for our garage slatwall installation, garage cabinets, garage shelving or any of our other garage renovation services today. We proudly serve the Delmarva Peninsula and nearby.

Product FeaturesPatwin's "Dura-Slat" Slatwall is manufactured from a custom formulation of Foamed Rigid PVC. It is stronger, more durable, and lighter weight than standard MDF slatwall. It does not require painting and the color will not chip or scratch off.

What is slatwall? We get this question more than you might think and we are always happy to explain and share our experience with everyone who chooses to ask. Slatwall is a popular substrate used in many retail settings but versatile enough for garages, pantries, tradeshow booths and on fixtures. Slatwall is a versatile, sustainable, and economical choice for anyone wanting to take advantage of vertical space that may otherwise go unused. In retail environments, it offers an opportunity for product to be merchandised higher on the wall with more visibility to customers. They can easily see what you carry, whether they're in the store, or just passing by.

In answering the question of what is slatwall, we want to give equal emphasis to it's versatility. The versatility comes from the diverse selection of accessories available for use with slatwall. Once panels have been installed, the slatwall grooves are used to attach hooks, shelves, baskets, clothes hang rods, and other display accessories.

If the slatwall will be used for heavy or bulky items such as liquids, stacks of jeans or tools, we strongly suggest having your slatwall panel grooved to accept aluminum inserts. Just as the name implies, the aluminum channel is inserted into the slatwall groove and provides additional support. For example, a typical 8" slatwall hook can hold up to 65 lbs. when used in slatwall ordered with aluminum inserts. The same 8" hook used without aluminum inserts, holds 40 lbs.

STEP 1: Slatwall panels arrive with a black line drawn along the edge, near a corner to help identify orientation; use this mark to ensure slatwall alignment. Always install the slatwall in the same direction (orientation) I.E. marked end next to an unmarked end or right side of one panel against the left side of another.

STEP 2: Place bottom slatwall panel first, then install each additional panel moving upwards. NOTE: General application of a panel adhesive in combination with screws will provide a more secure bond with the wall.

STEP 3: A minimum of 25 screws is recommended per slatwall panel, placed every 16" OC aligned with the studs (5 rows) and in the center of alternate grooves (5 locations). Never place screws into the face of the slatwall panel. If your panels were ordered with aluminum inserts, pilot holes should be drilled prior to application.

STEP 5: With the exception of masonry walls, slatwall panels may be installed over existing walls: drywall or wall paneling. Panels may also be affixed directly to studs in a new construction project, but make sure to follow local fire or building codes.

Slatwall can be used to store almost anything, from hand tools to big, bulky ladders, using slatwall panels and accessories. Panels can be easily cut to size and arranged to fit your space and storage needs. Eleven color choices (below) give you the freedom to coordinate with your décor or your garage storage cabinets.

Slatwall features heavy-duty interlocking panels of a blended cellular PVC material that is 100% recyclable. The panel material is a solid color that will not fade or wear off. Waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, slatwall will last a lifetime. Panels are 12 inches high and 8 feet long, and can be trimmed to any length. Trim and screws are in a matching color. 041b061a72


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