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What Should People Wear To The Forest?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Are you going for a stroll in your local forest and don't know what to wear? I have you covered. Going for a walk in the forest doesn't require a lot of preparation, although you do need to know a few things on how to dress, for a more comfortable walk.

If you don't know the area you are visiting, I would suggest wearing leggings or track pants instead of jeans, in case you have to go up a large hill or a mountain. If you do know the trail and you know it's filled with flat terrain you can choose what ever makes you happy. I would not recommend wearing a skirt or dress because it might get caught on something and rip. The dress also gives misquotes and bugs a lot more places to bite.

You can wear any shirt that is comfortable, but I would suggest a short sleeve. If you are wearing a short sleeve, bring a hoodie because it can get windier the higher you go.

Opened toed shoes are a big no. You have to wear sneakers that fit well and are enjoyable to walk in. Walking in flip flops can lead to many stubbed toes, and on the rare occasion even a broken one.

Optional items include elastics bands to keep your hair out of your face and a phone for google maps or an emergency. You should also look at the weather before hand to see if you will need a hat or a rain jacket. I also strongly recommend bringing a water bottle or two.

If you are going alone and you don't know the place, I think bringing a very loud whistle is a great way to insure you are safe from large animals or an attacker.

Thank you for reading! I hope this has been useful, and if it has, please consider sharing with a friend.

This is an example of an outfit :)

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