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Top 5 Best Medicinal Plants

There are quite a few medicinal plants in the world. Some are still being researched and some have been proven to be right or wrong. In this article you will read about the top 5 medicinal plants that you can grow or find near you.

Number 1

The first medicinal plant on the list is the calendula flower. It is found in North America, Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean and Micronesia. You can buy the seeds to plant them at almost every garden store.

The calendula flower helps prevent muscle spasms, it can reduce fevers and it can help start your period. It can also help with sore throats, stomach ulcers and cramps.

Calendula can be found in many over the counter pharmaceutical beauty brands for its soothing purposes. It can also be found in nourishing shampoos.

Number 2

Next up is chamomile. You most likely have heard about chamomile tea being very good for you. This is absolutely true. Although chamomile hasn’t been fully proved to work on it’s own, it has proven to work.

Chamomile put with other medicinal plants can help heartburn, vomiting and nausea. This is why it is suggested to drink chamomile tea when you are sick. You can buy chamomile anywhere in the world. It originated from Europe and West Asia.

Many skin care and beauty companies have chamomile products as it can also help with eczema.

Number 3

Bitter Dock is next on the list. Bitter dock is a leaf that has been used as a healing property for a very long time. It was first found in Europe, Asia and Greenland.

They have been used for so many years that there are records of dock leaves saving Julius Caesar and his crewmates from scurvy.

They usually grow near stinging nettles, which is great since these leaves help soothe and heal nettle stings. They also can soothe bug bites, bruises, blisters and more. Their roots are used as a remedy for jaundice and other more serious problems.

Number 4

In fourth place we have sage. This is very well known in cooking and can be found in most grocery stores. It originally comes from the Mediterranean.

Sage can help with memory loss, meaning Alzheimer's disease, but it mainly helps with digestive problems. Such as gas, bloating, stomach ache and diarrhea.

It also helps you to not excessively sweat and reduce your saliva. Which is why it is found in many products to help you stop sweating.

Number 5

Last but not least, the plantain plant. You might know plantain plants as annoying weeds that grow in your backyard, but did you know they might actually have medicinal properties? It is native to Europe and Asia but grows everywhere else in the world.

More research needs to be done but there have been a few ideas of what the plantain plant can help with. This invasive species could possibly help reduce inflammation and help with the healing of wounds.

Thank you all for reading! I hope this taught you something, and if it did please like and share with family and friends! Follow me on Instagram @the.nature_blog.

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