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Ten Incredible Cactus Facts!

1. In the dessert, there is barely any rain. Which is why a cactus can store huge amounts of water in their stem. This helps it stay alive and thriving until it rains again.

2. The needles on the plants are called pines. The pines help shade the cactus so it does not dry out and allow all the water to evaporate!

3. After a while, the skin of a cactus can become super dry, allowing you to make furniture out of it.

4. Many people wonder if getting stung by a pine can be poisonous, this is in fact false. There are no species of cacti that are poisonous.

5. The tallest cacti in the world can reach up to 66 feet tall.

6. A cactus has many pollinators, such as hummingbirds, bees, insects and even bats!

7. Cacti can live for many years in a home, but in the wild a cactus can live for hundreds of years.

8. There are about 2000 species of cacti around the world!

9. Now that we know cacti aren't poisonous, can we eat them? Only some cacti are edible, in fact there are 200 species of edible cacti!

10. The plural world for cactus can be cacti or cactuses.

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