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How-To Survive: Finding Food

After water and shelter, food is the most important thing. Knowing what different food items you can eat is a great skill to know. In this week's how to survive episode I will be explaining how to harvest berries and finding different food options in the forest.



One of the main food sources that you can find in the forest, other than animals, are berries. Berries are easy to find and come in large quantities, making it easy to harvest them.

  1. The first question to ask yourself is when are they ready to be picked. Berries are ready to be picked when the colour changes from a green to a vibrant red or purple, depending on the berry.You can also tell by the smell, ripe berries have a very sweet smell to them.

  2. The second thing to know about picking berries is the time of day you should pick them. The best time of day would be early in the morning, before the harsh sun can hit them.

Be careful when picking berries because they can be poisonous. Stick with berries that you have seen before such as strawberries and blackberries. Many poisonous berries cause nausea and stomach pain, so if you encounter any of these symptoms, throw away the berries immediately.


-Other Foods-

There are a few different things you can find to eat. You can look for nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, and acorns, but you can also get your nutrients from insects, like crickets and grasshoppers. If you find yourself near a swamp or pond, you can look for frogs to eat.

Finding food in the winter comes with a lot more challenges, because most foods you could find in the summer or spring won’t be there. There are however still many seeds and nuts that you can find to eat.

Thank you for reading this weeks episode of How To Survive! Next weeks article will be about fishing! Stay tuned. The blackberries below are some I picked this summer.

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