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How To Filter Water

Water is essential for life. If you are ever in the wilderness alone, a very important skill to know is how to filter water with limited materials. In today's episode of how to survive, I will be teaching you how to filter water.


Simplest Methods

Boiling water is the simplest way to purify your water. You could simply put water in a pot over a fire, but you won't always have a pot. In that case, you can get a large leaf and scoop up some water. Then put the leaf over the fire for around ninety seconds and the water will be purified.

Another way to boil your water is two heat up large rocks over a fire. Then place the burning rocks inside your water bowl. Leave them in for around 10 minutes or until they cool. This method of filtering is sure to get rid of any pathogens that may be in the water.

The last "simple" method I have is to gather standing water in a jar and let it sit for a couple of hours. This allows the dirt (that floats) to rise to the top, which you can then get rid of.

Harder Methods

These next methods are a bit harder but they are more likely to properly purify your drinking water.

Method 1: For this method of filtration you will need two containers, a cloth and pebbles. First start off by taking one container and filling it with water. Then take the other container and put your cloth on top of it. Then lay the pebbles on the cloth. Finally, pour the water over the pebbles into the container. This will filter your water.

Method 2: This next technique is similar to the last but requires a different material. Instead of pouring the water over pebbles, pour the water over crushed charcoal. This technique is very effective. If you can, a great way to filter your water is to use both these methods at the same time. The water will get clearer every time you filter it.

Thank you for reading this weeks episode of How To Survive! Next weeks article will be about making a shelter! Stay tuned.

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