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10 Tips For Your Forest Walk

I thought that for this weeks post, I would tell you guys 10 tips of how to improve your forest walks or hikes.


1. Make sure that you are familiar with the path, to avoid getting lost. It is also good to know if the path is the right level of exercise for you.

2. When walking with someone, ensure that you are at least five feet behind them, so you do not get a branch in the face.

3. Don’t bring a lot of stuff, just a water bottle and maybe a snack, because you don’t want to get tired holding tons of items around.

4. Take your time walking. You should not rush through it because you will certainly miss something.

5. Check the weather before going out, you do not want to be uncomfortable on your walk.

6. Wear some sort of hiking boots. Never wear sneakers because I guarantee you will find a muddy area.

7. Tell someone where you will be and how long it normally takes you to complete the hike. This is essential in case you injure yourself or something worse happens.

8. Bring a camera! You never know what you may see, and it is a great idea to document it.

9. If the hike is short, you should simply bring a couple of band aids and some disinfectants. If the hike is longer, it would be smart to bring a first aid kit.

10. The last tip is to have a happy mindset going into the hike or walk. If you aren’t in a good mood, you will not enjoy the walk as much as you should.
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