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YAHOO FATALITY [please Read GUIDE].rar

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YAHOO FATALITY [please read GUIDE].rar

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Weekes later, on May 20th, 2008, an anonymous 4chan user on the /b/ (random) board posted a version of the title.. The original poster stated that they had just "accidentally 93MB of .rar files" and wanted to know what they should do and if it was dangerous. Other posters responded both with comments on the post's lack of grammar as well as variations on the phrase "I accidentally". Although the original thread was not archived, a screenshot of the post has been floating around the web since.

In this section you will be guided through the compilation and configurationprocess of MPlayer. It's not easy, but it won'tnecessarily be hard. If you experience a behavior different from thisdescription, please search through this documentation and you'll find youranswers.

At least Plextor and some Toshiba SCSI CD-ROM drives have horrible performancereading VCDs. This is because the CDROMREADRAW ioctlis not fully implemented for these drives. If you have some knowledge of SCSIprogramming, please help usimplement generic SCSI support for VCDs.

For the complete list of available MEncoder optionsand examples, please see the man page. For a series of hands-on examples anddetailed guides on using several encoding parameters, read theencoding-tips that werecollected from several mailing list threads on MPlayer-users. Search the archiveshereand especially for older things alsoherefor a wealth of discussions about all aspects of and problems related toencoding with MEncoder.

Compression efficiency: It is quite easy to understand that most newer-generation codecs are made to increase quality and compression. Therefore, the authors of this guide and many other people suggest that you cannot go wrong [1] when choosing MPEG-4 AVC codecs like x264 instead of MPEG-4 ASP codecs such as libavcodec MPEG-4 or Xvid. (Advanced codec developers may be interested in reading Michael Niedermayer's opinion on "why MPEG4-ASP sucks".) Likewise, you should get better quality using MPEG-4 ASP than you would with MPEG-2 codecs.

Before continuing, you need to understand that this guide uses only onequality metric: global PSNR.For a brief explanation of what PSNR is, seethe Wikipedia article on PSNR.Global PSNR is the last PSNR number reported when you includethe psnr option in x264encopts.Any time you read a claim about PSNR, one of the assumptionsbehind the claim is that equal bitrates are used.

Three pass encoding? x264 offers the ability to make an arbitrary number of consecutive passes. If you specify pass=1 on the first pass, then use pass=3 on a subsequent pass, the subsequent pass will both read the statistics from the previous pass, and write its own statistics. An additional pass following this one will have a very good base from which to make highly accurate predictions of frame sizes at a chosen quantizer. In practice, the overall quality gain from this is usually close to zero, and quite possibly a third pass will result in slightly worse global PSNR than the pass before it. In typical usage, three passes help if you get either bad bitrate prediction or bad looking scene transitions when using only two passes. This is somewhat likely to happen on extremely short clips. There are also a few special cases in which three (or more) passes are handy for advanced users, but for brevity, this guide omits discussing those special cases.

First of all please try the latest Subversion version ofMPlayeras your bug might already be fixed there. Development moves extremely fast,most problems in official releases are reported within days or even hours,so please use only Subversion to report bugs.This includes binary packages of MPlayer.Subversion instructions can be found at the bottom ofthis page or inthe README. If this did not help please refer to the rest of the documentation.If your problem is not known or not solvable by our instructions,then please report the bug.

An excellent and well written guide to asking questions in public forums isHow To Ask Questions The Smart Wayby Eric S. Raymond.There is another calledHow to Report Bugs Effectivelyby Simon Tatham.If you follow these guidelines you should be able to get help. But pleaseunderstand that we all follow the mailing lists voluntarily in our free time. Weare very busy and cannot guarantee that you will get a solution for your problemor even an answer.

So you have read up on creating skins for theMPlayer GUI, done your best with theGimp and wish to submit your skin to us?Read on for some guidelines to avoid common mistakes and producea high quality skin. 041b061a72


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