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Experience in analyzing European handicap "bet where to win"

European football always gathers strong teams and brings fans top prestigious tournaments, high-level matches, and quality betting opportunities. When betting on European football, analyzing the handicap is extremely important to increase the winning rate. So how to analyze European handicap reasonably? Let's wintips find out through the following article.

What is the European handicap?

The European handicap is a form of bet where bookmakers use the 1×2 odds to determine which team is stronger or weaker. This type of bet is very popular at betting sites. With this type of bet, bookmakers apply odds with 3 betting options: Win – Lose – Draw.

Compared to Asian handicap, European handicap offers fewer betting options and lacks the diversity of Asian handicap. When playing this type of bet, you can freely choose to bet on your favorite team, but it is still best to rely on the odds to choose the betting team.

Accurate European handicap analysis experience

As a football bettor, do you have the experience to accurately analyze the European handicap? If not, we will share with you some experiences in analyzing the European handicap to help you increase your winning rate when betting. Let's follow along.

Choose a reasonable time to analyze the European handicap

Usually, before a match takes place, sportsbooks or forums will provide European handicap analysis articles. From these, players can easily grasp information about the match. The specific time is a few days or a few hours before the match. Therefore, players should choose analysis articles, predictions as close to the match as possible to make the most accurate predictions.

In addition, factors such as tactics, starting lineups, and players' form will greatly determine the outcome of a match. And these factors will often change before the match. If players analyze the handicap too far from the match, they will not update these changes in time. Therefore, players need to choose the most appropriate time to analyze the handicap to grasp all the necessary information before the match and choose the suitable bet.

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Analyze the handicap accurately

Another experience in analyzing the European handicap is to analyze it accurately. If players analyze the handicap casually, with too much information about the match, they will waste more time, and the accuracy of the analysis will decrease. Depending on each type of bet, there will be different amounts of information.

Therefore, players only need to grasp the most accurate information. If the analysis does not focus on the most basic content, players are very likely to miss important information or fail to fully analyze the necessary information.

For European handicap (1×2), players only need to focus on the overall result of the match. Other information such as goal difference or score difference is not very important for this bet. Therefore, players only need to grasp information about players' playing form, strength, and winning rate of each team.

Avoid bookmakers' trap bets

With this European handicap, bookmakers often set high odds for the underdog. This creates a lure to attract more participants in the under bet because the under bet offers very high winning amounts.

Therefore, to avoid falling into the bookmakers' trap, players should choose the time to place bets at least 3 to 5 days before the match. The closer to the match day, the more bookmakers will adjust the odds continuously, and players who rush to bet are more likely to fall into the bookmakers' trap.

Analyze the handicap according to the team's cycle

Similar to other types of bets, the cycle of each football team will greatly affect the results of the upcoming matches. The team's cycle is most clearly demonstrated in the team's playing ability and form. From there, players have a basis to evaluate the team's ability.

To analyze the handicap according to this method, players need to spend time researching and following many matches in that tournament, at least 5 matches. Then, players will notice that some teams will have a cycle, every 1 – 2 matches, there will be a loss, then players should quickly bet on this team. This is one of the experiences in analyzing the European handicap that helps players increase their betting winning rate.

Analyze the practical handicap on forums

In forums, there are usually experienced players and members with rich experience in analyzing the European handicap who provide analysis information based on their own experiences. Therefore, forums are the address for handicap analysis that many players choose. The analysis information provided by these players is often easy to understand and apply because it is not theoretical but close to reality that experienced players have gone through.

In addition, forums are also a place for players to learn more knowledge, gain more experience in analyzing the European handicap, useful betting tips, etc.


Above are some experiences in analyzing the European handicap that players can apply to choose the suitable bet when participating in football betting. Wish you have enjoyable leisure time and earn a large betting amount at online sports bookmaker sites. Thank you for your interest and follow-up on this article.


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