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Caesar Zimin
Caesar Zimin

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i just ordered a new instrument! the new roland juno-d303 has all the things i like in an all-in-one keyboard like sound module. all of the pieces of the juno-d303 are well thought out and executed. i can't wait to get started with it!

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this pedal is a leading breakthrough in battery power. it powers off automatically when not in use and powers on when needed. with the 'right hand man' the mooer mars 1000 is a pedal that will radically change your guitar playing experience. its an affordable, single pedal solution designed and handcrafted to take you into a new level of guitar power. legendary guitar licks, new levels of expression and tone all in a tiny package.

as well as offering a complete toolbox of features and functions, the juno-d303 is intuitive to learn and play. the roland juno-d303 offers a plethora of tonal options with the on board assignable modulation matrix (9 slots) plus the ability to assign all 9 modulation matrix and assignable modulation matrix outputs to the master outputs. with limitless possibilities the juno-d303 mod matrix gives you the skills to unleash your sonic creativity.

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