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Buy Used Cricket Phones

So I was thinking of buying this used iPhone 8 plus on mercari app for about 575 and it says it's att locked but at the description it says it can be used for cricket, h2o, red pocket, etc. I was wondering if this is true so I can buy the phone as soon as possible

buy used cricket phones


In late 2010 at CES 2011, Cricket unveiled Muve Music, the carriers own music streaming service alongside the $199 Samsung Suede SCH-r710 which was the first phone to support Muve Music and included a 4GB SD Card to store music on.[12] Muve Music was initially included in its own $55 plan but was later expanded to all plans as a $5 add-on before being included in all plans free-of-charge.[13] The music service was deemed by Cricket as a major success and credited with helping drive up at least 100,000 new subscribers in the course of a few months.[14] Muve Music originally required an SD Card with a capacity of at least 4GBs to download music, the ability to do so without an SD Card was introduced in version 4.0 of Muve Music but required an internal storage capacity of at least 4GBs. Muve Music 4.0 was officially unveiled on the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Discover while the Samsung Galaxy Admire would ship with version 3.5 but was upgradeable to version 4.0.[15] At its peak, the service was the biggest music streaming service in regards to paying customers with a customer base of 2.3 million users and was hinted in making appearances in international markets such as in Brazil.[16] The fate of the service was put in doubt after the acquisition of Crickets parent company, Leap Wireless, by AT&T and was rumored to be merged with AT&Ts own Beats Music service or possibly left as-is. AT&T expressed a lack of interest in maintaining the service and discontinued it in May 2014. AT&T made Muve Music inaccessible to any new phone purchased after the merger but allowed legacy handsets bought before the merger to access the service.[17] The service was acquired by Deezer for $100 million and formally shut down on February 7, 2015. Deezer offered all Cricket customers a discounted $6 plan which was made available on January 31, 2015.[18] Cricket offers a variety of phones including most of the latest iPhone and Android models.

Prior to its acquisition by AT&T, Cricket's CDMA network used its home network and roaming agreements with Sprint, among other CDMA carriers. However, Cricket's CDMA network was shut down and the spectrum was reframed for use on AT&T's HSPA+ and LTE networks. Following the acquisition by AT&T, Cricket Wireless released devices that use AT&T's 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE networks.

In May 2015, Cricket Wireless was sued for selling CDMA phones that would not work after the merger with AT&T. The lawsuit alleged that Cricket knew at the time of the merger with AT&T that any devices sold would soon need to be replaced because AT&T's network did not support CDMA devices and yet continued to do so. The lawsuit further stated that "AT&T and Cricket had decided to discontinue the CDMA network and require Cricket customers to use AT&T's GSM cellular network" yet continued to sell the devices, and due to Cricket's policy of not unlocking cellphones at that time, "the cellphones became useless and worthless."[25] The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff and Cricket was forced to either unlock the locked cell phones, provide 1 month of free service on the 1GB plan for former customers and waive the activation fee, or provide current customers with one extra gigabyte of data for four months.[26]

  • AT&T acquired Cricket Wireless in 2014 and has since gained millions of subscribers by sharing AT&T\u2019s 4G LTE and 5G networks.\n"}},"@type":"Question","name":"What carriers are compatible with Cricket Wireless?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are compatible with Cricket Wireless plans.\n","@type":"Question","name":"How do you get 5G on Cricket Wireless?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"All Cricket Wireless plans have nationwide 5G access, but availability depends on your location.\n","@type":"Question","name":"Does Cricket Wireless waive the activation fee?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Depending on certain promotions or requirements, you may be able to waive Cricket Wireless\u2019 activation fee.\n","@type":"Question","name":"Can I use my phone with Cricket Wireless?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"If your phone is compatible and authorized to be used on the Cricket Wireless network, you can keep and use your phone. \n"]} More Information Cricket Overview Popular Resources US Internet Providers US Wireless Providers Guide to Choosing Speeds Bandwidth Calculator Compare Providers Best Internet for Gaming Search Providers by Zip: Enter a zip code: Cricket Wireless Facts Cricket Wireless is the 13th largest mobile broadband provider in the United States.

  • Cricket Wireless offers service in 37 states.

  • Cricket Wireless offers mobile broadband internet access.

  • Cricket Wireless offers service in 5,992 zip codes nationwide.

  • Services offered by Cricket Wireless Internet

  • Provider Awards Top 10 Most Affordable Basic Internet Plans Nationwide Major Provider Category Claim Your Awards Top Areas Served Houston, TX 2,905,964 90.9% Available 2905964 Chicago, IL 2,680,484 98.2% Available 2680484 San Antonio, TX 1,585,029 86.4% Available 1585029 Philadelphia, PA 1,526,206 95.1% Available 1526206 Las Vegas, NV 1,411,798 87.5% Available 1411798 Phoenix, AZ 1,307,615 90.6% Available 1307615 San Diego, CA 1,240,985 93.6% Available 1240985 Additional Info Cricket Wireless Customer Service (800) 274-2538

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Current and Past DBAs Cricket Communications, Cricket Wireless

Your mobile phone number may be the key to your most important financial accounts. Text messages are often used by banks, businesses and payment services to verify your identity when you request updates to your account.

Every cell phone should have a unique factory-set electronic serial number (ESN) and a mobile identification number (MIN). A cloned cell phone is one that has been reprogrammed to transmit the ESN and MIN belonging to another cell phone. Scammers can steal ESN/MIN combinations by illegally monitoring the radio wave transmissions from the cell phones of legitimate subscribers. After cloning, both the legitimate and the fraudulent cell phones have the same ESN/MIN combination and cellular providers cannot distinguish the cloned cell phone from the legitimate one. Scammers can then run up expensive toll charges and the legitimate phone user gets billed for the cloned phone's calls. Alert your service provider if you see unauthorized calls or charges on your account.

Alternatively, Cricket has a variety of phones which you can buy directly from them. These cover a wide range of the latest smartphones, including devices from Apple, Samsung, and Motorola. That said, for basic flip phones for seniors, they only offer one device: the Debut Flip. Overall, their prices are pretty consistent with other providers. Cricket also offers a decent selection of certified pre-owned phones at discounted rates.

But there are key things to keep in mind if you want the best phone for your money and you want to stay safe when you get it. Here are our top tips on how to safely buy a great used phone, whether you want an iPhone or an Android phone.

If, however, you're really into phone photography then you may want to spend a bit more on something with a decent camera. In that case, something like an iPhone X or a Galaxy S10 may be preferable. You'll have to find that balance between the performance you need and the price you're happy to pay. Newer phones with more modern features and better performance will come with a higher price.

Not every phone seller has your best interests at heart, so it's important to be savvy when you're shopping. Some places to avoid should be obvious; don't buy from the guy selling phones on a street corner from a big box, for example. Others can be hit and miss.

eBay is a well-known source for buying used items, and there's a huge selection of phones to be had. Some of these are sold by refurbishing companies that trade solely in buying and selling used handsets. Others are regular people trying to offload their old devices when they upgrade. The result is that it can sometimes feel like panning for gold, looking for those nuggets you actually want. Check the next section for more tips on buying on eBay.

My best advice though is to go to trusted companies that buy old phones, refurbish them and sell them on. I've used MusicMagpie in the UK and had no problems. Its online catalog is vast, it clearly lists the condition of the phones, every handset is factory reset and you get a 12-month warranty with every purchase. Prices might be a tad higher than you'd find on eBay, but the peace of mind more than makes up for it. They also offer rental options if you can't quite stomach splashing the cash upfront. Gazelle offers a similar service in the US, although we haven't tested it ourselves and so can't vouch for the overall quality of the service.

I'll make this as clear as possible: Do not buy a phone that no longer gets security updates from its manufacturer. Unsupported phones are open to all kinds of vulnerabilities that can give hackers easy access to every single piece of information on your handset -- or even control it completely. Those bank details, cute pics of your kids, sexy selfies you sent to your partner -- all could be accessed and stolen.

It's frustrating that phones aren't supported for longer, as the hardware remains perfectly capable of handling most everyday tasks you're likely going to need. Some (like the Pixel 4) still pack great cameras that would take beautiful shots on your next vacation. But outdated software makes the phones vulnerable, and it's simply not advisable to continue using phones outside their support period. 041b061a72


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