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Mark Adrian Baring

Nikole Miguel Polar 185

Nikole Miguel Polar 185: A Mysterious SoundCloud Track

Nikole Miguel Polar 185 is a mysterious track that has been uploaded to SoundCloud by two different users, Rachel and Esa. The track is a haunting ambient piece that features distorted voices, eerie noises, and a pulsating rhythm. The track has no description, no tags, and no comments. The only clue to its origin is the title, which seems to refer to a polar coordinate system.

Download Zip:

What is the meaning behind this track? Who are Rachel and Esa? Are they the creators of the track, or did they find it somewhere else? Is the track related to some kind of scientific discovery, artistic project, or cryptic message? These are some of the questions that have intrigued listeners who have stumbled upon this track on SoundCloud.

One possible explanation is that the track is inspired by a recent astronomical discovery. In 2022, a team of astronomers announced the detection of a rare planet that orbits a low-mass star with a giant and likely polar spot. The planet, named TOI-3884 b, has a radius of about six times that of Earth and is located about 185 light-years away from us. The star, named TOI-3884, has a large dark spot on its surface that covers about 40% of its area. The spot is thought to be caused by strong magnetic fields that suppress the star's convection and create cooler regions. The spot also affects the brightness and temperature of the planet, which varies depending on its position relative to the spot.

Could Nikole Miguel Polar 185 be a sonic representation of this planetary system? Could the distorted voices be signals from an alien civilization that lives on the planet? Could the eerie noises be sounds from the star's magnetic activity? Could the pulsating rhythm be the orbital period of the planet? These are some of the speculations that have been made by some listeners who have connected the track to the astronomical discovery.

However, there is no definitive evidence that supports this theory. The track could also be a random experiment, a prank, or a hoax. The title could be a coincidence, a code, or a reference to something else. The users who uploaded the track could be anonymous artists, hackers, or trolls. The track could have nothing to do with astronomy, science, or aliens. It could just be a piece of music that appeals to some people and puzzles others.

Ultimately, Nikole Miguel Polar 185 remains a mystery that invites curiosity and imagination. You can listen to the track yourself on SoundCloud by following these links: [Rachel] or [Esa]. What do you think of it? What do you think it means? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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