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Where Can I Buy Cabana Boy Rum

A cabana boy is a male attendant who serves the guests of a hotel or large private estate, operating from a nearby cabaña (American Spanish for cabin; compare cabin boy, a similar occupation aboard ships during the age of sail), often on a beach. A pool boy or pool attendant performs the same duties at a swimming pool. Duties may include: working with towels, swimsuits, robes, blankets, bathing caps, soap, umbrellas, beach chairs, launder, and may serve refreshments.[1]

where can i buy cabana boy rum

The Cabana Boy knows when and where he is needed. His satisfaction comes from the happiness he brings his patrons. His happiness comes from the limited few that truly appreciate the services a Cabana Boy can provide.

Another one? Oh, I shouldn't... oh what the heck. It's vacation, this beach is gorgeous, and you're not so bad yourself! *Wink* How would you like a cabana boy to bring you another? Even if you can't steal away to a tropical paradise just now, this scent, filled with cococnut, mango, sugar, pinepple, and citrus goodness will help you imagine it; and you have a great imagination!

We believe in adventure & hard work - & that the balance of these is where the good times roll! Whether you work hard to play hard, or work hard to do nothing, we have the 100% natural fabric styles to set your soul on fire while you sink in... Founded in 1991 by Karen & Howard Proffitt, Rum Reggae Clothing is a handmade, limited-batch batik textile company designed in California & ethically manufactured by artisans on Java.

What could be more relaxing than a covered floating cabana complete with a table and a cooler of ice. Let your kids jump and climb while you relax in the shade. The table is rock solid and ready for food and drinks! The AquaBana features a non-slip top surface and comfortably seats 8-10 adults.

Whether you like your martinis with vodka or gin Austin has you covered. Prefer a taste of the tropics and visions of cabana boys (or girls) delivering fruity rum drinks to your lounge chair? Austin also boasts rum distilleries.

I can just imagine that I am sitting on a beach in St. Thomas staring off into the horizon with a Frozen Banana Daiquiri in hand. It will be sunset soon, my favorite time of the day, and I am daydreaming about what the future holds. Will I remain in paradise and spend my days typing away describing my latest refreshing umbrella drink that was just delivered by cute cabana boys?

Bacardi Superior White Rum is the perfect choice for most cocktails. It is available just about everywhere and it is not overly expensive. My second choice would be a good quality rum from St. Thomas, like Botany Bay Rum. 041b061a72


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