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Caesar Zimin
Caesar Zimin

Listen to Memoryhouse (2002) - The Debut Album by Max Richter

while jill is missing, the police conduct a search for her at wayne's farm, and discover the body of a teenage girl, who is believed to have drowned. the body is taken away, and jill reappears at the police station. she insists she is fine, and is given food and water. jill is taken to the beach, where the teenager's body was found, and asks the police not to question her about it. she then finds the diary in her bag, and reads it, before taking a shower.

Max Richter, Memoryhouse full album zip

nick, aimee, and jill watch the wedding announcement on television, and learn that jill's wedding has been cancelled. the wedding announcement also reveals that jill's mother died in an auto accident on her way to her daughter's wedding. jill is taken to a mental institution, and is shown to be sleeping. aimee is shown reading jill's diary, and is shown to be crying.

in the mental institution, jill is taken to an examination room, where she is questioned about her childhood, and about her family. as she opens up, the doctor begins to question her about her husband and his job, which causes jill to snap, and she becomes aggressive towards him. after being taken to a waiting room, she kicks out the door, and runs off.

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