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Teens (66) Mp4 _VERIFIED_

An overwhelming majority of all teenagers, 84%, report owning at least one personal media device: a desktop or laptop computer, a cell phone or a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). 44% say they have two or more devices, while 12% have three and 2% report having all four of those types of devices. Only 16% of all teens report that they do not have any of these devices at all.

Teens (66) mp4

Close to half of teens (45%) own a cell phone, and 33% have used a cell phone to send a text message. Texting on cell phones is particularly common among those who already go online frequently and use other internet tools often. Teens who have cell phones are heavy users of online communication tools. One in four cell phone-owning teens have used their phone to connect to the internet.

Instant messaging and text messaging are not simply used for conversations with other tech-savvy peers. Almost one in three (29%) teens who use IM or text messaging will use it to communicate with their parents.

Even with their great affection for the technology, teens still report, on average, spending more time physically with their friends doing social things outside of school than they report interacting with friends through technology. An average youth between ages 12-17 reports spending 10.3 hours a week with friends doing social activities outside of school and about 7.8 hours talking with friends via technology like the telephone, email, IM or text messaging.

Families with teens, like much of the rest of online America, are evenly divided between households with broadband and households with dial-up. While families with teens are more likely than other Americans to use the internet, they are no more likely than other Americans to have broadband connections.

Going to Junior High seems to be the tipping point when many teens who were not previously online get connected. While about 60% of the 6th graders in our sample reported using the internet, by 7th grade, it jumps to 82% who are online. From there, the percent of users in the teen population for each grade climbs steadily before topping out at 94% for eleventh and twelfth graders. Much of the lag amongst sixth graders appears to come from boys. Fewer than half (44%) of 6th grade boys report going online, compared to 79% of sixth grade girls.

About one in five (21%) online teens say they have sent an email, instant or text message to someone that they meant to be private but which was forwarded on to others by the recipient. Teens who use the internet frequently are more likely to report this type of breach. 041b061a72


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