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The Klub 17 Mods Garden

Speaking of the community, a community is nothing without the folks who consistently bring the content. For those of you currently in exile with no community to call home due to some unfortunate events, we are you a home and space here with your fellow connoisseurs of adult content. Whether you are a modder finessing Blender on your free time, a pose editor trained in the ways of Sunderland, or just a normal screen grabber posting kinky content, you have a home here. For all you lurking leechers...that's cool, we will find you. . Please take your time to get familiar with the rules. While nothing here should be surprising to you, the community is bigger than any one person. If you act up, the mods will moderate, which you may not appreciate.

the klub 17 mods garden

Mina Rai: Mina Rai is disappointed that someone tracked muddy shoeprints inside of the area garden on the east side of the school. Fill a bucket with water, add bleach to the bucket, dip as mop in the bucket, and use the mop to clean up the shoeprints. LINK

See the pastebinReplace your binaries with what you downloaded, run the game using the TKLauncher inside the Binaries folder.Modsgarden. Register an account, comb through and find the shit.

many people hate modsgarden,the company that made the original game tried having it taken down for copyright infringmentalso there are other actors trying to shut it down for offering loli/shota content

I always see gorgeous screens and videos of this game but I've never gotten even close to what they're showing off. It just looks like the usual TK17 vanilla shit. Then when you ask for some kind of repack or mods list that isn't convuluted as hell you get

You would have an easier time installing 200+ mods on fucking Skyrim than getting this shit to work correctly. I genuinely don't know how anybody can get this shit to work unless they have a very large amount of time on their hands. The game really needs a good place or tutorial to get shit working. The ones Ive read don't do the trick and as it stands it's just to fucking finicky and complicated.

Not that guy, but it's way more than a throwaway e-mail.1. Create e-mail2. Sign up.3. Install game4. Deal with game bugs.5. Navigate horribly written mod documentation6. Painfully figure out which mods aren't shit7. Install them.8. Deal with mod-induced bugs.9. Install different mod versions or mods to fix mod bugs10. Repeat 5-10 until you hate yourself and/or it works11. ???12 PROFIT

I played TK17 years ago, I know the vanilla game isn't nearly close to these pictures. You need all these mods and pose packs.Repack torrent is dead at 9%. Pastebin bascially saysGet Base gameGet HookGet ModsSo if you want this thread to be alive, why don't you pack your game and upload it and save everyone the pain of finding, downloading, and installing these mods?It can't be popular without being easily accessible.

In additional all you need moods can get from modsgarden, but its not necessary because repack have a lot. This instruction for upgrade game visual to level curren aaa games. But still, hook in development and this visual may be even outdated, and on modsgarden you may see more cool visual.

As to make good looking characters, you learn it. Of course, you can download mods that make the process easier: a head mod that fixes some polygons of the default head (or adds more), a bodymod to have a better shape (be wary that these might make clothing clip unless the clothing is big enough or there are patches for it), good textures, etc. You can also search for models that other people have made to use as base and start from there instead of starting from default models.There is also a mod that adds more sliders to the face that can help you out if you feel like it isn't enough with the default.However, doing something that is pretty (for you) and from scratch will require you to develop your slider-fu skills. Just play around with them and you'll get something eventually.

As for needing mods to make everything work: yes. The base game is pretty barebones for this day and age. TK17 is 10% base game and 90% mods, so either download all them mods or download a repack and start from there.


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