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Micah Fomichev
Micah Fomichev

[CRACKED] Download Reboot Validator Nero 1

1. Make a backup of the following OFP subdirectories: ADDONS, MISSIONS, MPMISSIONS, USERS and possibly WORLDS, if you've installed some unofficial island addons there.2. If you've purchased the Red Hammer campaign by download from Codemasters, make a backup of Red Hammer's files.3. If OFP: Resistance is installed, uninstall Resistance first.4. Uninstall OFP.5. Manually remove any residual OFP directories and files remaining after the uninstall.6. Run SCANREG.EXE to make sure there are no problems with your Windows registry. Use SCANREG's "-fix" command line option to have SCANREG automatically fix registry error.7. Reboot.8. Install OFP from the CD and reboot. If you need to install one or more official upgrade patches and/or addons, do so now and reboot after each one.9. If you've purchased OFP: Resistance, install it now. If you need to install one or more official Resistance upgrade patches and/or addons, do so now and reboot after each one.10. Run the OFP preferences program and click on AUTODETECT. Click on the ADVANCED button to make sure that those settings are still what they were before you uninstalled OFP.11. Start OFP and check that everything works as expected.12. If that fails, go back into the OFP preferences program and, if the display resolution field shows that T&L is being used, change it to an equivalent resolution using DIRECT3D instead of T&L. Then click on the START button to run OFP again.13. Once OFP is running to your satisfaction, completely replace OFP's USERS subdirectory with the backup copy you made in the first step of these instructions.14. To restore any unofficial addons and missions, select all the file contents within the backed up copies of the ADDONS, MISSIONS, MPMISSIONS and WORLDS subdirectories and paste them into their respective OFP directories. When prompted by Windows to replace any existing files with the ones being pasted in, specify NO or else you will wind up with older versions of official files and you'll have to go back to step 1 of these instructions and do everything all over again. Comprende?

Download Reboot Validator Nero 1

The software is quite demanding -- I'm running both truecrypt and bestcrypt encryption drivers, InCD (nero's DVDRW drivers), kaspersky (heavyweight on resources but top notch AV), MS outlook and the rest of office 2007, and opera, plus a variety of side tasks from time to time - a movie or MP3 player, video encoding (virtualdub), P2P sometimes, and a few IM clients. Opera takes the brunt of the system strain - I think I have something like 400 tabs open, maybe 2/3 are Wikipedia pages, 1/3 are various sources and such I'm working from, or other pages of interest. he disk encryption drivers take another big chunk (stacked heavy duty algorithms). I'm not into heavy "rich content" (flash pages, myspace, facebook, etc) per se, but the Wikipedia pages and others will have some serious scripts attached. The antivirus system is running at its most aggressive -- full heuristics etc too -- and so on. Remarkably given the workload, it's 1/ fairly responsive, and 2/ stable - average uptime is weeks if need be, between reboots. But the broswer is slwoing it down to "problematic low responsiveness" levels, and I'd rather upgrade the system than change how I work that way. Personal choice.


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