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Kya Mast Hai Life Season 1 Free Download [NEW]

Ragini "Rags" Juneja is a teenager and the daughter of the Bollywood megastar Sushmita Juneja. At her new college, Redfield Academy, she meets Zenia Khan, Zeeshan Khan aka Zee (Zenia's twin brother), Vir Mehra, and Ritu Shah: a gang of inseparable childhood friends. She doesn't want anyone to know that she is the daughter of a famous actress and wants to make friends on her own, not for who her parents are. She lies to them and says that her mom is a kindergarten teacher and that she is not a good singer, despite her being excellent at it. Her friends eventually find out her secrets and, while initially angry, they eventually forgive her. Every episode has a different story revolving around the gang in college, at the end of season 1, the gang eventually pairs up and they start developing feelings for each other, the episodes become more connected with one another. Their college was going to almost close but the gang did a CONCERT with such spirit that they saved the college .This concert is something very special in the gang's life as they make very important decisions and face many tough challenges on their way to save the college.

Kya mast hai life season 1 free download

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Afterwards, the series is elongated, exaggerated and made more fun with many episodes involving the comical lives of the five friends. Redfield Academy is told to shut down because its manager said that he's going to give it some other person. Sadly, they would all have to move to a different college. This makes all of them sad. But the whole college joins together to stop it from shutting down by organizing a campaign. Ragini and Vir fall in love, and Zenia and Zee fall in love with Jango and Kimmy respectively. Ritu finds love with a new kid at college, Aryan. At one of their concerts, Ragini reveals to the whole college that she is the daughter of the famous actress Sushmitha Juneja, which surprises everyone. Further campaigns and programs led to the happy reopening of the college.Songs:Koi hai koi true friendYe to Jaan loAre yaari hi hai asli dosti ab to maan lo Ji to ya Haro wo bas kehdo coolioooooKya Kya Kya Kya mast mast hai Kya mast hai life Kya mast hai lifeKya Kya Kya Kya mast mast hai Kya mast hai lifeDost hain ye Jaddu friendship ka Dosti tootegi never Ye khushi rahe foreverHai wo hi yar yaar on ka

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This is the best show of Disney india . But it's all episodes are not available on any site or app of Disney even not YouTube also . I love it's uniqueness . And the story of Friendship , Love and magic in second season . If anybody knows where I can watch all episodes of kya mast hai life so please tell me . Thank you .


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