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How to Control the Skies in Airport Madness 4

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I have to be honest, I think it's funny when people spell Paul's name wrong. It reminds me of the time when an airport ticket counter lady pronounced his name in a Spanish-type accent and he snapped at her. He's an angry not-so-little man. Funny stuff. Now let's get to your questions with rapid responses. Answer 1. The running game is OK. Not great. But good enough to win with on a well-rounded team. And Barber isn't a great running back, either. Answer 2. No. The pass rush needs to be better. There needs to be more talent added to the area. Now that the season is over, I'm fine with the Seymour trade. You probably would have lost him as free agent. But I would have loved to have had him on the field for the 2009 season. Answer 3. We'll find out next fall. There is plenty of offseason left. You don't win the Super Bowl in March. Could I get any more cliche? Andy Hart

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