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Operation Green Hunt 1 Movie Review: A Hard-Hitting Film that Exposes the Truth Behind Operation Green Hunt

Operation Green Hunt 1 Movie Download: Everything You Need to Know

Operation Green Hunt 1 is a Hindi-Telugu bilingual movie based on the Naxalite movement and the anti-Naxalite operations by the Indian government. The movie was released in 2015 and starred Mukul Dev, Aarti Agarwal, Aditya Om, Supreeth Reddy, Krishna Murali Posaani, Saurabh Dubey, Ravi Kale, Girish Sahdev, Harshavardhan Rao, and others. The movie was directed by Bharath Parepalli and produced by Noorabdul Rrahaman Khan. The movie was also dubbed in Tamil and Malayalam with the same title. The movie was Aarti Agarwal's last film before her death in June 2015.

Operation Green Hunt 1 Movie Download

Operation Green Hunt 1 is a popular movie among the fans of action, drama, and social issues. The movie depicts the plight of the tribal people who are caught between the Naxalites and the security forces. The movie also shows the brutality and corruption of both sides and how they affect the lives of innocent people. The movie has a realistic and gritty tone that makes it more engaging and impactful.

If you are interested in watching Operation Green Hunt 1 movie, you might be wondering how to download it legally and safely. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Operation Green Hunt 1 movie download, including its plot, cast, review, controversy, songs, awards, trailer, and more. Read on to find out more.


The plot of Operation Green Hunt 1 movie revolves around a journalist named Ravi (Mukul Dev) who goes to a Naxalite-infested area to cover a story. He meets a tribal girl named Lakshmi (Aarti Agarwal) who works as a teacher in a school run by the Naxalites. Ravi falls in love with Lakshmi and decides to stay with her. However, he soon realizes that he is in a dangerous zone where he has to face the wrath of both the Naxalites and the security forces.

Ravi witnesses the atrocities committed by both sides on the tribal people. He also learns that Lakshmi's brother is a Naxalite leader who is wanted by the police. Ravi tries to expose the truth through his articles but faces resistance from his editor and the authorities. He also faces threats from both sides who want him dead or silenced.

Meanwhile, a special operation called Operation Green Hunt is launched by the government to wipe out the Naxalites from the area. The operation is led by a ruthless officer named Vikram (Aditya Om) who does not care about human rights or collateral damage. He orders his men to kill anyone who comes in their way, including women and children.

As Operation Green Hunt intensifies, Ravi finds himself in a dilemma. He has to choose between his love for Lakshmi and his duty as a journalist. He also has to save himself and Lakshmi from being killed by either side. Will he be able to survive and tell his story? Will he be able to save Lakshmi from becoming a victim of Operation Green Hunt? Will he be able to expose the truth behind Operation Green Hunt? These are some of the questions that are answered in Operation Green Hunt 1 movie.

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