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Play Amazing Puzzles Offline with Puzzle Game APK for Android

Download the Thief Puzzle Mod APK - Unlimited money, hints game now and solve all tricky puzzles today. Outsmart the puzzles with intelligence and creativity to be able to steal various in-game stuff!

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Do you want to play a game where you solve various puzzles, challenge your mind and become a city thief? If that sounds like something you would want to try, join over 10 million playing the Thief Puzzle game now! This amazing game is developed by Weegoon and it is one game in the Puzzle genre that has taken the world by storm.

This game offers us an enjoyable experience where we have to put our brains at work to solve puzzles and steal all kinds of things! The game features a stickman who we will use to perform various actions in the game. You will also have to apply your wits in solving different puzzles while stealing all sorts of in-game stuff. If you are ready to become a cold-hearted thief, download and install the Thief Puzzle APK file now!

As its name suggests, Thief Puzzle is a cool puzzle game that combines solving puzzles with being a thief! Here, players need to help a thief steal objects at each game level. It might look and sound easy. However, you have to use craftiness, logic, creativity, and precision to find solutions for each puzzle.

Of course, the puzzle nature and difficulty level of the game increases as you progress through to higher game levels. However, this is not something that will trouble you. All the available puzzles are solved within a few seconds and you do not even have to think hard!

For this reason, the design of the puzzles in this game has a humorous aspect. In this game, you practically become a witty thief who has the task of solving puzzles to be able to steal various objects in each stage. The steps are very diverse. At the same time, they are very simple and you can easily solve them.

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Puzzle games are a perfect genre for mobile, making up some of the best games on Android, which is why there are so many to choose from. But if you're looking for quality titles that aren't stuffed with horrible monetization, you'll have to do some digging on your favorite Android phone. This is why we compiled a list of our favorites, from brain melters like Baba Is You to comfy puzzlers perfect for winding down after a long day like Railbound. AP has you covered. So strap on your thinking cap. It's time to delve into the realm of enthralling puzzle games on Android.

Baba Is You takes a traditional Sokoban puzzle game and turns it on its head through the use of cryptic words. You'll unlock specific abilities and areas by pushing certain words together, which is ultimately how you solve each puzzle. Still, these solutions aren't easy, as this is an incredibly challenging game, but the solution is the reward, and it feels great once you finally get past a puzzle that was previously stumping you.

A slick puzzle game where you'll control three characters, each offering unique skills to see you progress through each stage. As you can guess, you'll use these characters to solve each stage's puzzle, with the challenge growing with each solved stage. The graphics are excellent, the gameplay is enjoyable, and it's easily played in bite-size sessions to ensure this is a title best played in your downtime. Best of all, what you see is what you get, as this is a premium release, so you're free to enjoy the game in its entirety once you pay $4. Not bad, not bad at all.

Golf Peaks is styled as a miniature golf game, but it's actually a puzzle game (which is why it's on today's list). There are more than 120 levels to explore, spread across ten worlds. Cards are used for movement as you decipher which cards will get your ball into the hole, making for a logic puzzler you will have to spend time thinking about, but that's where the fun is to be found, illustrating why this game is so appealing. It's designed well and offers tons of fun. What's not to like?

Sliding tile puzzle games may have a reputation for being simple, but Gorogoa is anything but. Sure, you'll slide some tiles around, as that is part of the core gameplay, but thanks to some striking art and abstract puzzle solutions, this game goes way beyond moving a few tiles. Imagine if Salvador Dalí created a video game, and you're getting close to the abstract play within this release. While the game is only two hours long, it's a heck of a ride that shouldn't be missed.

PUSH is a fun minimal puzzle game where your single objective is to push a bunch of buttons in the correct order. What is great about this setup is that there are no timers and no tutorials. Heck, there aren't even any boss fights. This game is solely focused on gameplay and gameplay alone. Essentially, what you see is what you get, and what you get is a competent puzzle game that offers a stress-free experience.

G30 - A Memory Maze is a minimal puzzle game that offers a unique story about a person suffering from a cognitive disorder. It will be your job to piece together their memory by solving two-part puzzles of scattered text and random images. You'll spend most of your time rotating these images to form larger pictures. The secondary puzzle element comes into play as you cycle these pics through words displayed at the top of the screen. These words ultimately tell a story, but you'll first have to solve each puzzle before you can piece together the entirety of the tale.

Hocus is an indie puzzle game that exudes a minimal style. It will be your job to navigate a cube through a series of optical illusions. There are 120 hand-crafted levels to explore, and if you get tired of these levels, you can jump into the optional level builder to design your own. What's great about this system is that you can share these homemade levels through a code or card, which means you can jump into levels created by other players if you wish.

Blue is a popular release in the color-themed puzzle game series from Bart Bonte. The game's goal is to change the color in all the title's fifty stages to blue. If you get stuck, hints are available, though ads will play unless you pay to remove them through an in-app purchase. Trial and error is the key to victory, especially if you plan to complete all 50 levels.

Shadowmatic took its sweet time coming to Android, but the game is so pretty we can forgive the late arrival. The game's setup is extremely simple. All you do is spin and tilt one or more of the game's 3D objects to form a shadow that displays the puzzle's desired shape. Things grow more complex when multiple objects are in play. The beautiful 3D graphics create a relaxed atmosphere perfect for short or lengthy gaming sessions, though you'll need some beefy hardware to run this title.

I Love Hue Too is a psychedelic puzzler where harmony, geometry, perception, skill, and magic intersect to create an enthralling puzzle game. Puzzles are solved by shuffling tiles to create harmony with the colors provided. There are more than 900 puzzles to unravel within this release and multiple play modes, which should keep players busy for a long while. Oh, and the game contains six ambient tracks that help set the mood for this trippy puzzler.

Zenge is a beautiful title explicitly designed to offer a relaxing experience, but you also get a wonderful story about time and space paired with enjoyable puzzle-based gameplay. You won't have to worry about timers, a score, or anything like that, as you are free to solve each puzzle on your own time without the game constantly tracking your achievements, which makes this a perfect title to play whenever you want to relax.

The Bridge Constructor series from Headup has seen a few releases on mobile, sporting all kinds of themes, combining gameplay elements from these themes with classic bridge construction gameplay. The most popular title to combine interesting elements is Bridge Constructor Portal. It offers familiar Portal gameplay crossed with bridge-building action, resulting in a good time solving all portal-laced puzzles. This is a premium release you can snag for $5, and there's extra DLC once you beat the main game that you can pick up for $2. Seeing that the main campaign is 13 hours long and that the DLC adds even more content, you'll have plenty of puzzles to solve for a small investment.

From the same creator as Golf Peaks, Railbound is a puzzler where you'll lay down train tracks to solve the game's level-based challenges. There are more than 200 puzzles to solve, all revolving around trains and track laying, with adorable graphics attached and a couple of cute pups to boot. So if you're a fan of Golf Peaks and want to see what's new from the same creator, Railbound is the obvious choice, and best of all, it's just as great as its older brother.

Mekorama draws inspiration from similar isometric puzzle platformers, such as Monument Valley, but that's an easy thing to forgive when the games you imitate are solid to start with. Much like the titles that inspired this release, you can expect tons of humor and personality, and the developer has implemented a user-friendly way to pay what you want for the full game unlock, which is a nice touch.

Now that everyone has had a chance to peruse AP's best puzzle game roundup, hopefully, you've come away with a new title to play, whether that's the casual shadowplay of Shadowmatic or the hidden object gameplay of Hidden Folks, there's a game for everyone. If puzzles aren't your thing, perhaps the best casual games are more your style. Rest assured, if you're looking for a particular style of game, AP has more than likely created a list of the best of the bunch.

Are you a fan of word games, word search games, puzzles, sudoku puzzles, riddle games, or any other quiz games? Do you love doing brain teasers or IQ tests? If you answered yes to both questions, then you will love this IQ game called Brain Test. It is an addictive quiz game where your mind will be challenged in this IQ test. So, let's begin and enjoy this IQ game!

Wordscapes is a game that combines creating words with a crossword puzzle. You just swipe to connect the letters to create words that fit into the crossword. Keep in mind that not all possible words are correct. They must fit into the crossword puzzle for you to progress.


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