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Ian Ludvig - Like A Drug _BEST_

Alejandra Vélez, María and Lobo, Iván (2019)Challenges of organised community resistance in the context of illicit economies and drug war policies: insights from Colombia. Journal of Illicit Economies and Development, 1 (1). pp. 72-79. ISSN 2516-7227

Ian Ludvig - Like A Drug

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Apart from genre fiction, human identification with or as plants relegates characters to the textual margins in the modern literary canon, but that has not always been the case. Whether as gatherers and gardeners, farmers and gleaners, nomads and Natives, folks who raise and prepare plants to provide basic necessities like food, shelter, clothing, and medicine largely have done so at the edges of the canon. Yet how humans relate to plants appears to be guided by particular themes and locations in their literary representation.

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