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Caesar Zimin
Caesar Zimin

Strong, Count Arthur

Please note that Booking Fees apply on the following transactions:Online: 1.50 per ticket + 1.50 postage or free collection at the Box Office.Print at home tickets: These can be emailed to you on the account you have registered with DLWP free of charge (booking fees apply)Telephone: 3.50 per transaction + 1.50 postage or free collection at the Box OfficeThere will be a cheaper booking fee for events under 10 (booking fee = 1.00) and under 5 (booking fee = 50p).Free events booked online are not subject to a booking fee.There is no booking fee for tickets purchased over the counter.

Strong, Count Arthur


All tickets include a Restoration Levy of 1 and will be subject to an additional 1.50 booking fee per ticket. Postage of tickets adds an additional 1.50 postage charge. Other options include having your tickets emailed to the email registered to your DLWP account to print from home or free collection at the Box Office.

Linehan and Delaney have filled out the Count's backstory and Rory Kinnear, a subtle and generous actor, plays his foil. Kinnear is Michael Baker, who is writing a book about his dead father, Max, Count Arthur's partner in a short-lived double act. Father and son were estranged and Michael meets Count Arthur to talk about the old days, which were never good on account of Max ditching him because he was hopelessly bad as a memory man who couldn't remember a thing.

It is too early to prejudge the outcomes.But one thing is clear.The crisis in Afghanistan does not change the need for Europe and North America to stand together in NATO.In fact, the need for transatlantic unity is greater now than at any time since the end of the Cold War.We are facing a pivotal moment.Global competition is rising.Russia is more aggressive abroad and more oppressive at home.China is using its economic and military might. To coerce other countries and control its own people.

NATO shares the aim of a world without of nuclear weapons.But a world where NATO Allies give up their nuclear deterrent,while Russia, China and other countries, like North Korea,continue to expand and modernise their nuclear arsenals,is simply not a safer world.We live in uncertain times.We do not know what the next crisis will be.But we do know that whatever happens,we are safer when we stand together.

The integration of recent acquisitions is also going well. AJG has a history of being able to successfully integrate deals. While the company has a larger number of deals on its plate, I think Gallagher will be successful this time as well. The company has been more active with larger acquisitions and international M&A. This is due to more reasonable private-market valuations of smaller brokers. AJG has doubled its employee count over the past four years.


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